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February 22nd, 2009

the chosen prophet

[Locked to Wanderers and allies, locked against third parties]

Given the recent violent attacks on Riftcomers, I'm now urging all of you who have no place to go to find shelter in one of the established strongholds.

Right now, I'm working on finding a safer place for those who've chosen to follow me. In the meantime, those of you staying with me at the moment are welcome to go to the Main Gauche, the Conrad Hotel, or the Kashtta Tower. I won't fault you for leaving, though I hope to see you again once we've relocated.

Make safety your first priority. I don't advocate returning violence with violence, but do whatever you must to keep yourselves safe.

The woman found beaten to death was Victoria Lynn. She believed as I do, that the Riftcomers carry the potential to be the saviors of this world, and, although she was born here, she was an invaluable aid to me, and to us. She's done more for Riftcomers than I can say, and she will be deeply missed.

This isn't just about the Riftcomers. Anyone who helps them, anyone who doesn't belong, anyone that the so-called Chicago Liberation Front could label as a 'freak' -- all of you are in danger.

One of the people who works with me is a clairvoyant, whose visions focus on Riftcomers. Lately, he's been subjected to non-stop visions of what's been happening in this city, and from those, we know that the original complaint might not even be against Riftcomers themselves. These people have no way of differentiating between Riftcomers and demons. 'Wanderer' is a convenient label they slap on anyone that doesn't seem to belong, and even if only those who've come through the Rift are being targeted now, if it's unchecked, this will spread to demons, and possibly to angels as well.