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the chosen prophet

[Multiple Locks]

[Locked to Wanderers]

You don't know me, and you have no reason to believe me. I'm just one man, with my beliefs and a few like-minded individuals, but this is something which concerns you all. It's my earnest hope that you'll give me a few minutes of your time, to read my words and to consider them.


This was not an accident. Your presence here, the gifts you've received... None of these happened by chance.

Every universe that ever was or could be is affected by the Rift. From every possible world, you've been brought, and you've been changed. I believe there is a consciousness in the Rift, a purpose, and each and every one of you has a part to play in that grand design.

Look at the gifts you've been given, the abilities you never had before. Look around at those who have come with you, the warriors and healers and men of wisdom. How can you think this was an accident?

You were chosen. You are special. You are holy. You belong here.

You are the hope of this world. I most sincerely believe that.

As for myself... I have a deeper understanding of the Rift than most, but other than that, what matters is the message, not the messenger. I'm here to act as a guide, to help where I can.

To that end, I and several others have established another shelter for all those that have come through the Rift, independent of political affiliation, outside the wars of angels and demons. We offer shelter, food, and clothing for those who need it.

I don't ask for your belief -- only those who lack conviction in their own creed make aid contingent on acceptance of it. All I ask is that you listen, consider my words, and do as your heart dictates. We want nothing more than to help you, and to guide you, but it's not my place to force either upon you.

If you have need, or even if you're merely curious, you're welcome to visit us.


[Locked to Elashte]

It seems I've arrived.

You've done quite well for yourself here, you know.


My old friend! I was wondering where fortune would toss you in our direction. Really, I'm surprised you didn't come earlier. (Though I imagine coming mush earlier would have placed you on Romana's warpath. She was not, I hear, much one for Riftcomers.)

We should have dinner sometime. Where are you staying?
Not one for Riftcomers, and, I would imagine, not one for Nephilim, either. Archangels, past and present, rarely are.

Even so, I'd have been here much sooner, but for certain complications. The spirit was willing but the flesh... Well. Some things are unavoidable.

Dinner would be very welcome, indeed. We've acquired a small building for the time being, at [address, not in the best part of town, but not horrific, either].

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but the fact that a demon has not only proven more sympathetic than I could have imagined, but has come to power while still championing reason...

That gives me hope, old friend. Thank you for that.
Oh, there's no great secret to gaining power among demons. Live to a certain age and a great many will cluster under your banner. It remains to be seen how they will react when the more conservative and reactionary among us decide to make Chicago the place to prove their fortunes.

But far be it for me to dampen your spirits. There is hope yet for all of us. In fact, I should introduce you to the young woman who seems to have taken charge of the Archangels' side; she seems to be quite reasonable.
Don't worry about my spirits. I wouldn't have lived as long as I have if I was blind to the realities of the world. It's impossible to realise an ideal future without acknowledging the imperfect present, after all.

That said, it's still telling that you've accomplished as much as you have. And if there's a reasonable voice on the side of the Archangels... It seems like I may yet live long enough for some good to come of this, after all.
I do hope so. We have made amazing strides already, and things which I did not believe I would live to see, let alone would occur so soon after my Neqa'el birthday. The Fall of Romana numbers among those. If ever there was a greater blow struck for the futility of Callings...