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the chosen prophet

[Multiple Locks]

[Locked to Wanderers]

You don't know me, and you have no reason to believe me. I'm just one man, with my beliefs and a few like-minded individuals, but this is something which concerns you all. It's my earnest hope that you'll give me a few minutes of your time, to read my words and to consider them.


This was not an accident. Your presence here, the gifts you've received... None of these happened by chance.

Every universe that ever was or could be is affected by the Rift. From every possible world, you've been brought, and you've been changed. I believe there is a consciousness in the Rift, a purpose, and each and every one of you has a part to play in that grand design.

Look at the gifts you've been given, the abilities you never had before. Look around at those who have come with you, the warriors and healers and men of wisdom. How can you think this was an accident?

You were chosen. You are special. You are holy. You belong here.

You are the hope of this world. I most sincerely believe that.

As for myself... I have a deeper understanding of the Rift than most, but other than that, what matters is the message, not the messenger. I'm here to act as a guide, to help where I can.

To that end, I and several others have established another shelter for all those that have come through the Rift, independent of political affiliation, outside the wars of angels and demons. We offer shelter, food, and clothing for those who need it.

I don't ask for your belief -- only those who lack conviction in their own creed make aid contingent on acceptance of it. All I ask is that you listen, consider my words, and do as your heart dictates. We want nothing more than to help you, and to guide you, but it's not my place to force either upon you.

If you have need, or even if you're merely curious, you're welcome to visit us.


[Locked to Elashte]

It seems I've arrived.

You've done quite well for yourself here, you know.


Really? Well, gosh Mr. Disembodied Journal Man, you've certainly opened my eyes. And here I thought we were just the wayward buggered of some pandimensional fuckery, but we're chosen now?

Okay, Oh Anointed One. I'll humor you for about four seconds. What're we chosen for exactly? Are we going to lead our people out of Chicago into a land of milk and honey? You want I should stand on the tallest building in the city with a couple of pretty engraved rocks with a message from the Rift? What? Look, we're just a bunch of displaced people with freakish alterations to our biology trying to survive. Nothing more, nothing less.
"A bunch of displaced people", as you put it, who have thus far led to the downfall of a Neqa'el, completely changed the supernatural political landscape in Chicago, caused quite a bit of a commotion in Rome, stopped a plague, dealt with pollution of the Chicago sewer system... I could go on.

I have no guidebooks, Mr. Descant, and no holy destiny for any of you save that which you're already fulfilling by being here and acting according to your natures. And I'm hardly an anointed anything.

What I am is a man who sees patterns in these events, and who feels the Riftcomers should have options other than acting as pawns in a match between angels and demons. All of you have a great deal of potential, and are being treated, more often than not, as pawns in one political game or another.

I'm offering another option, and what support I and those who agree with me can lend.