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forissancta's Journal

The Prophet of the Rift
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This was not an accident. Your presence here, the gifts you've recieved... None of these happened by chance.

Every universe that ever was or could be is affected by the Rift. From every possible world, you've been brought, and you've been changed. I believe there is a consciousness in the Rift, a purpose, and each and every one of you has a part to play in that grand design.

Look at the gifts you've been given, the abilities you never had before. Look around at those who have come with you, the warriors and healers and men of wisdom. How can you think this was an accident?

You were chosen. You are special. You are holy. You belong here.

You are the hope of this world.

This is a roleplaying journal for beyondtherift. I am not Sir Ian McKellen. No profit is being made from this journal, though you can make all the profit/prophet puns you like.